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Foreign Language Apps

App Name Grades Description 
 Chinese Writer 7-9This app is a game to learn how to write thousands of Chinese characters
 Duolingo 7-9Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English.
 Магнитная Азбука 7-9Fun and educational magnetic board with Russian letters.
 Pin Pin 7-9Build your foundation in Mandarin Chinese by learning pinyin! By first learning the sounds of Mandarin, your speaking and listening skills will grow at an accelerated pace.
 Pinyin Trainer 7-9Pinyin Trainer will help you master those tones using Pinyin. With almost 2,000 individual audio recordings and a variety of question-and-answer methods. Plus, it's got a complete guide to reading Chinese with the Pinyin system built right in.
SpanishDict is a Spanish translator, dictionary, and conjugator app. It features a Spanish English Dictionary, full conjugation tables, Word Game, talking Spanish phrasebook and Word of the Day
 WordReference  Dictionary 7-9This is a dictionary translation app. It translates English to many different languages.