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Library Media Coding Apps

App Name Grades Description 
Blockly for Dash & Dot

K-9Blockly is a visual drag-and-drop programming tool developed by Google that allows children to snap together commands like puzzle pieces. Take on coding challenges and invent your own creations by using Blockly to control Dash & Dot!
Blockly Jr. for Dash &  Dot

K-9Blockly Jr. is a visual drag-and-drop programming tool. Its icon-based commands allow everyone, even young children and the elderly to snap together commands like puzzle pieces. Take on coding challenges and invent your own creations by using Blockly Jr. to control Dash & Dot! 
 codeSpark Academy 4-5 codeSpark Academy uses a "no words" interface to teach the basics of computer programming through a variety of interactive learning activities including puzzles, games, step-by-step creative projects, game design and offline printables
 Destiny Discover K-12 Follett’s Destiny Discover app allows you to browse, search and access your school’s library resources with ease. 
 Go for Dash & DotK-9Send Dash on missions to deliver messages, use Dot to act out storybook characters, and go out and explore the world together.
 Hopscotch 4-5 Learn to code and make your own games.
 Path for Dash & DotK-9Draw a path to your next adventure with Dash! Program your robot using a single “line” of code at the racetrack, on a farm, or even an obstacle course of your own. Unlock special abilities, sounds, and animations as you go forth and explore.
 Swift Playgrounds K-12 Swift Playground teaches code by solving interactive puzzles in the guided “Learn to Code” lessons to master the basics of coding, while additional challenges let you explore code and create programs that are engaging and unique.
Tickle for Robot  Programming 6-9Tickle teaches children to create virtual games and stories, and have all your drones and robots interact with one another. You can easily program Parrot drones to flip in mid-air, and LEGO, Star Wars BB-8, Sphero, and Dash&Dot robots to move through mazes. You can even program Arduino wirelessly to control these robots and even build custom robots!
 Tynker 4-5 This app help kids learn as they build games, write interactive stories, modify Minecraft, program drones, and even explore STEM. 
 Wonder for Dash & Dot K-9This app comes packed with over 50 challenges that will teach you how to code with Wonder, and you’ll be coding up a storm in no time. Travel through the African Grasslands, the Arctic Wilderness, and even Outer Space in your coding adventures to uncover new ideas for your robots. Turn Dot into a trumpet, a Pong arcade, or a desert race drifter. Dash is a real robot that comes with you on all your adventures! Transform Dash into a ferocious lion, dodge asteroids together in outer space, play a game of Marco Polo together, and much more.
 Xylo for Dash & Dot K-9Conduct your own musical performance for friends and family with Dash and Xylo! Exercise your creativity by composing your songs from scratch or remake your favorite tunes. Remix and rearrange your song to make a musical masterpiece!