Apple Id

An Apple ID must be established in order for the iPad to function properly.  Each student must have their own Apple ID associated with their GPS issued iPad.  Their Apple Id will be their student email address.  Using the student email address as the Apple ID helps the district better manage the iPads as well as distribute apps and content.

Apple ID Set Up Options:

If your student will be a 7th grader in the fall of 2016 – Apple requires parents to establish an Apple ID for any child that is not 13 years old.  The process is still being developed due to changes at Apple. We will communicate more information in September.

If your student will be a 9th grader in the fall of 2016 – Smith Middle School technical staff will work with students in May 2016 during the school day to set up their Apple ID.  All usernames and passwords will be sent home to the parents.  Please note, they will need to know and bring their Apple ID credentials with them when they get their iPads in August.

If you are a new student to Smith Middle School or Glastonbury High School - The technology department staff will work with you when you get your iPad to establish a new Apple Id.

Links for More Information About Apple ID

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