2017-18 School Year iPad Insurance
For students in grades 7-12 only
Please Note: The open enrollment period has closed. Please see information below for obtaining iPad insurance.

7th-12th Graders ONLY:  To obtain insurance, the iPad must first be brought in to be inspected for damage. Please email Jane Lewkowicz at Glastonbury High School or Kyra Seurattan at Smith Middle School to set up an appointment. If the student iPad is in good condition, we will insure it. You will need to bring a check for $25 made out to GPS. You cannot take out insurance for the full four years.  You will need to renew annually. Once you have scheduled an appointment you will visit Ms. Lewkowicz and Mrs. Seurattan in the following rooms

Ms. Lewkowicz:  GHS Room E207
Mrs. Seurattan: SMS Room 2209

iPad Insurance one year cost: $25.00

Please read the information below.  


What's Covered ($0 deductible per incident, 2 claims per year)

  • Accidental damage
  • Unavoidable theft (police report must be submitted within 72 hours of theft)
  • Fire
  • Flood/water
  • Natural disasters
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Power surge due to lightening

What's Not Covered

  • Lost iPads are not covered by this policy. A full replacement cost not to exceed $424
  • Excessive scratches/wear to iPad exterior caused by failure to use the protective case provided by the school.
  • Intentional marking, defacing, and/or abusing the iPad
  • Damage caused by tampering with hardware components or operating system (ie jailbreaking) to alter district configurations


The policy will become void for the term if:

  • More than two (2) claims are made during the policy term
  • iPad is/was not protected by the protective cases that were issued during the distribution process.
  • The School Administration and the Technology Department makes a determination that damage to iPad was caused by abuse and/or neglect.

  • Two claims per year (if policy is renewed annually) before policy is voided.
  • Students must go to the school technical center to submit a claim
  • Stolen iPads must have a police report submitted with the claim.
  • $0 deductible

COSTS (if insurance is not purchased)
    • Repairs: between $100-$150 (generally)
    • Replacement (if iPad cannot be repaired): TBD based on market value

    • Loaners are available for those that purchase the insurance. Loaners will not be given out to students until the premium has been paid or other arrangements for payment have been made with school officials. There are a limited number of loaners available on a first come first serve basis.
    • There will be an open enrollment period for parents to purchase. If parents wish to purchase insurance after the open enrollment period, they must show proof that the iPad is not damaged and in working condition. Payment is by check only after the open enrollment period.
    • You will need the iPad Serial Number. To find it, access the iPad and go to SETTINGS; GENERAL; ABOUT. Look for the serial number in the right frame.