iPad Web Filtering

What is it?

Glastonbury Public Schools employs a web filter specifically designed for K-12 schools on our student iPads from a company called Securly. This filter forces the use of safe search mode for Google, Bing, and Yahoo and blocks the use of other search engines. Undesirable content such as inappropriate images, videos, and websites are blocked by enforcing safe search.

Filtering at School and at Home

This solution will not only filter the devices while they are at school, but also at home. In order for your child to access the internet while at home, they will need to sign in first using their school email account using a web browser on their ipad. Once they access the internet, they will not need to sign in again until the next day.

Role of the Parent

Of course, this web filter is not a replacement for parental involvement. As always, we encourage parents and guardians to regularly monitor their children’s internet activity. Parents should know the 4-digit password to their children’s iPad and should frequently check what children are downloading and accessing on their device. Parents should also talk with their children and ask for explanations about what is on their iPads and how/why they use different apps.

What is Filtered?

The Securly web filter can block the types of websites and web content below. Depending on the grade or school, some or all of these categories will be blocked. At this time we are working to ensure that sites needed for instruction in our curriculum are available. We will adjust the filtering of sites (whitelist/blacklist) as necessary.

  • Pornography
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Other Adult Content
  • Social Media
  • Anonymous Proxys
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Web Mail
  • Hate
  • Online Games
  • Social Networking
  • Streaming Media (Netflix, Spotify, etc.)
  • Health
  • Other Search Engines (No Safe Search)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do some of the Apps on my iPad crash now?

A: The Securly web filter only allows web browsers that support safe mode. If your app has a built-in web browser, such as Yelp, it may no longer function.

Q: The App I am using does not have a built in web browser, but it still crashes.

A: If you are using an app like NetFlix or Spotify and it is crashing. This is because the category of Streaming Media is being blocked at this time.