GPS iPad Initiative

The one-to-one computing plan for Glastonbury Public Schools was developed to align with our strategic plan's goal of building a 21st century learning environment. Providing individual student access to the Internet and its vast resources has been a game changer in how and what students learn in our district.

The iPad initiative provides our students with mobile access to creative resources that engage them and accommodate their different learning styles and abilities. The devices support our district's shift in instructional emphasis from memorizing facts and rote recall of information to the 21st century skills of validating and organizing information, communicating, collaborating and problem solving.

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Attention: Students New to Glastonbury Public Schools

If you are a new student to Glastonbury Public Schools (grades 7-12), please visit our New Students page to learn more.

iPad Initiative

Grades 7-12:

Students receive their iPads and are responsible for their use from home to school. The iPads are used throughout the school day for educational purposes.

Grades K-6:

Classrooms are equipped with a class set of iPads. Each student is assigned a specific iPad to use during the school day. These iPads will be stored in the classroom and will not go home with students.

iPad Insurance Renewals

  • Renewals occur May 1- June 30 for the next school year (students currently in grades 7-11)
  • Please see the "Insurance" tab above for more information.