If you have a questions, please email them to ipads@glastonburyus.org

We will try to respond to all parent, student, staff and community questions below. Please note that some questions may be similar in nature and may be answered only as one single question. All questions will be posted anonymously.

Q. Can parents monitor what apps are put on their student's iPads?

A. There are many approaches we recommended for monitoring student content on their iPads. The first is to be actively involved. Get their 4-digit passcode and check frequently what they are downloading on their apps. Have conversations and ask for explanations of what is on their iPads and how/why do they use the app. Parents can also set Parental Controls that require a parent passcode to download apps. For more information on how to do this, visit http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4213.

Q. Should students perform the updates when they come out?

A. Students can go and do the updates for their apps. A red circle with a number will appear in the upper left hand corner of the App Store icon. This indicates that there are app updates. When an update to the operating systems (iOS) comes out students should hold off on doing this update until the Technology and Information Services Department sends an email saying it is OK. We generally like to test the iOS updates before having everybody do the system update. You will know when an iOS update comes out because there will be a red circle with a number in the upper right hand corner of the Settings icon. We anticipate the next iOS update to come out sometime in September.

Q. Can student iPads be tracked if they are lost or stolen?

A. We have the capability to track iPads when they are in school. Students should contact an administrator immediately so the IT staff can try to locate the device. If iPads are lost or stole outside of school, parents can locate the iPad if it is on a WiFi network and turned on by going to www.icloud.com and typing in the Apple ID and password. We have loaded the Find My iPhone app on all the iPads. For more information about Find My iPhone, please visit https://www.apple.com/icloud/features/find-my-iphone.html

Q. Will students still be using textbooks?

A. Yes. We plan to transition away from paper based text books in favor of digital resources.

Q. Will the students be allowed to put personal content on the iPads (i.e. music, photos, videos, apps)?

A. We do not mind as long as the content is appropriate, does not cause distractions in the school, on the bus, etc., and does not take up all the memory. You as the parent have the authority and discretion to determine if you will allow your student to do this. Please note students may not be able to retain purchased apps when they leave GHS.

Q. How often should you charge the iPads?

A. iPads should be charged so they have enough battery power to last a full day at school. Every month, you should charge the battery to 100% and then completely run the battery down to 5% or below. This will help preserve the battery.

Q. Is there a discount rate on the insurance policy if you have more than one student receiving an iPad?

A. Unfortunately no. The group discounted volume rate priced for Glastonbury was applied across the board for all parents.

Q. Will students be able to charge their iPads at school?

A. Students should charge their iPads every night. It is their responsibility to be sure it is ready to be used in school every day. There will be a limited number of charging stations in the school. STUDENTS MUST REMAIN WITH THEIR IPADS WHILE THEY ARE CHARGING AT SCHOOL.

Q. Why is GHS moving to providing students with iPads?

A. The Glastonbury Public Schools Fourth Generation Strategic Plan has set a course for the school district to transition to a digital curriculum and a one-to-one mobile computing platform by striving to make sure that “every student has an appropriate digital learning device, and when appropriate, uses digital resources.” iPads have the potential to increase students’ engagement, interest levels, and achievement.

Q. What happens if students use their iPads inappropriately?

A. School teachers and administrators will handles each case as they would normal classroom/school disruptions or inappropriate actions by students. Teachers will use their classroom management systems to enforce behavioral expectations. Administrators will investigate any incidents that are brought to their attention and resolve them according to school rules and BOE policies.

Q. How will students be able to access their documents from the iPads?

A. We are moving to a cloud based storage system called Google Apps. This allows students to work on documents from any Internet connected device (computer, smartphone, iPad). Their work is stored in “the cloud” (Google Drive) making it accessible on the iPad. Additional productivity apps the district purchases will also have connectivity to Google Drive.

Q. What happens if my child’s iPad is broken?

A. The GHS iPad Tech Support Center is located in room E207 and is staffed by a technology integration specialist who is available to assist both staff and students with all iPad issues. If the specialist cannot repair an iPad, it becomes the responsibility of the student to replace it (like they would a textbook that was lost). Parents may want to take out an iPad insurance policy. More information about iPad insurance can be found on our site's Insurance page.

Q. When can my student get their iPad?

A. Please visit the summer distribution section for more information.

Q. Do students need to have an iTunes/AppleID account?

A. Yes. All incoming 9th graders should have had their AppleID's set up last spring by Smith Middle School staff. If you need assistance with setting up the AppleID, please email ipads@glastonburyus.org

Q. If my child already has an iPad or other mobile device, can he or she use that one?

A. No. Students must use the GPS iPads in order for us to provide maintenance, security, updating, GPS wifi access, and app distribution.

Q. Will students get protective covers?

A. Yes.