Parent Tips & Resources

For Parents of Students in Grades 7-12

Parents are an integral part to the success of this initiative. Below are some tips used by others that have helped them avoid issues with their children and usage of their iPads:

  • iPads should be used in a common area (kitchen, family room, etc.) when at home. Avoid having your child bring the iPad to their bedroom.
  • Actively monitor what is on the iPad. Get the 4-digit pass code and frequently look at the apps on the iPad. If you are unsure of what an app does, Google it!
  • Charge iPads every night in the same location. Preferably in a common areas such as the kitchen.
  • Establish home rules and consistently enforce them.
  • Have frequent conversations about what is on the iPad and have your child show you how they use particular apps.
  • Determine if you will allow personal content (i.e. photos, music, videos) on the iPad. Then frequently monitor.
  • Set parental controls on the iPad. Be careful because some parental controls will not allow access to the Internet or other functions students may need in school. To learn more about setting parental controls, visit

Internet Safety Websites for Parents

The websites below offer parents important information, resources and tips on how to protect children as they navigate the Internet. We encourage parents to take some time and review these resources.